Public Universities / Institutes
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University of Dhaka

The University of Dhaka was established in 1921 under the Govt. of India Act. XVIII of 1920 as a teaching and residential University with a constitution similar in many respects to those of the then contemporary English University. It began its journey with 192 students and 3 faculties in July 1st, 1921. The current Emergency Building of Dhaka Medical College was the Main building of the University. P. J. Hartog was the first Vice Chancellor and the first Registrar was Khan Bahadur Nazir Uddin Ahmad.
At the beginning there were 60 professors working in three faculties - Arts, Science and Law. The total number of students in the first and the second year was 877. Total number of Residence halls was 3.

FACULTY OF ARTS: Departments:Bengali, English,Arabic, History, Islamic History and Culture, Islamic Studies, Library and Information Science, Linguistics, Mass Communication and Journalism, Philosophy, Sanskrit and Pali, Theatre and Music, Urdu and Persian.
FACULTY OF SOCIAL SCIENCES: Department: Anthropology, Economics, International Relations, Political Science, Public Administration, Sociology.
FACULTY OF BUSINESS STUDIES: Department: Accounting, Finance and Banking, Management, Marketing.
FACULTY OF SCIENCE: Departments: Chemistry, Applied Chemistry, Computer Science, Geography & Environment, Geology, Mathematics, Physics, Applied Physics and Electronics, Statistics
FACULTY OF BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES: Aqua-culture and Fisheries,Bio-chemistry, Botany, Clinical Psychology, Microbiology, Psychology, Soil Science, Zoology
FACULTY OF LAW: Department of Law. FACULTY OF PHARMACY: Department of Pharmacy
.INSTITUTES: Institute of Education and Research, Institute of Business Administration, Institute of Statistical Research and Training, Institute of Social Welfare and Research, Institute of Nutrition and Food Science, Institute of Modern Languages, Institute of Fine Arts, and Institute of Health Economics

URL: http://www.univdhaka.edu/

IBA(Institute of Business Administration)

IBA, University of Dhaka was founded in 1966 in collaboration with the Indiana University, Bloomington, USA under a Ford Foundation Financial Assistance Program. The objective of the Institute is to provide professional training in business administration. Initially, IBA introduced the MBA Program. MPhil and PhD programs were later introduced in the 1970s. The BBA Program was launched in 1993. IBA carries the distinction of being the pioneer of all the business schools of Bangladesh and an institution absolutely free from any kind session jams.

Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology (BUET)

Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) is the most dominant and prestigious institution for technological studies in Bangladesh and admissions to all courses are highly competitive. There are 16 departments under 5 different faculties.
DEPARTMENTS: Architecture and Planning, Urban and Regional Planning, Humanities, Civil Engineering, Water Resources Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Material and Metallurgical Engineering, Petroleum and Mineral Resources Engineering, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial and Production Engineering, Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. URL: http://www.buet.edu/

Bangladesh Agricultural University

Bangladesh Agricultural University was established as the East Pakistan Agricultural University on 18 August 1961. The present name was adpoted in 1972. The University is 4 kilometer south of the Mymensingh town and occupied 1200 Acres areas by the side of Old Brahamputra river. It consists of 6 faculties and 41 departments. Among them, 8 departments belong the faculty of Veterinary Science, 15 belong to Agriculture, 5 belong to Animal Husbandry. URL: http://agri-varsity.tripod.com/

Bangladesh Open University

An open university is an institution for distance education designed for those who intend to improve upon the level of their education or professional skills by studying at home or at places of their work. It meets the need for education of all classes of people particularly those deprived of education in conventional institutions. An open university offers a wide variety of formal and non-formal programmes through printed materials electronic media like radio, television, audio and video cassettes, telecommunication and tutorial services. URL: http://www.citechco.net/bou/
Chittagong University

Chittagong university has 28 academic departments.These department operate under six administrative faculties. These are three institute and one research centre. The University offers undergraduate, graduate and post graduate degrees. 16,000 full-time students are enrolled in the University. It has 520 faculty members and most of them are highly qualified with a long teaching and research experience.

Jahangirnagar University

Jahangirnagar University is situated at Savar, the capital of the Sambhog principality and a flourishing Buddhist center of learning in the seventh and eighth centuries AD. The University, named after the old name of Dhaka city, was established in 1970 by the Jahangirnagar Muslim University Ordinance, 1970 (later amended as Jahangirnagar University Act, 1973). The University happens to be the only fully residential university in the country. Located on the Asian Highway, popularly known as the Dhaka Aricha Road, the University is only 32 kilometers away from Dhaka, and is sandwiched by the National Monument and the Public Administration Training Centre. Faculty of Social Science: Economics, Anthropology, Govt. and Politics, Business Administration, Geography and Environment, Urban and Regional Planning. Faculty of Arts: Bangla, English, History, Philosophy, Archeology, Drama and Dramatics, International Relations. Biological Science Faculty: Botany, Zoology, Pharmacy, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Mathematical And Physical Science Faculty: Physics, Statistics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Geological Science, Environmental Science, Electronics and Computer Science Institute: Institute of Computer and Information Technology. The institute conducts Diploma and Certificate courses.
URL: http://www.juniv.edu/

Khulna University

Khulna University was established in order to cater to the growing educational needs of the country. It occupies about 320acres of land. It plans to set up different Schools such as Science and Technology. Life Science, Management and Business Administration, Social Science, Arts and Humanities, Law, Education and an Institute of Fine Arts. The academic programme of the University started in August 1991.

URL: http://www.ugc.org/khulna_uni.htm

National University

National University was established in 1992 under an Act of the Govt. of the People's Republic of Bangladesh with features distinct from those of the traditional Universities of the country. The objectives of the University is not only to ease the situation but also to improve the standard of education by upgrading the curriculum and syllabuses and ensuring academic discipline in all spheres. The University along with its own academic programme is vested with powers to affiliated college and with its coming into existence, all the college, so long affiliation to other Universities of the country, excepting those teaching agriculture, engineering and medical science have come under its jurisdiction. Institutes: Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences, Institute of Liberation and Bangladesh Studies, Institutes of National Science, Institute of Life Sciences, Institute of Business and Management Studies. Academic Units: School of Under Graduate Studies, Centre for Post Graduate Education, Training & Research, Centre for Curriculum Development and Evaluation, Institute of Post -Graduate studies.
URL: http://www.ugc.org/national_uni.htm

Rajshahi University

The university of Rajshahi is the second largest University in Bangladesh. It is founded in 1953. It occupies about 300 hecters of lands in a primarily residential area. The university is situated about 5 km east from the city center of Rajshahi. In addition to excellent arts, science, business and computer science graduate and postgraduate programs, the university provides professional and specialized training in a variety of health professions, medicine, dentistry and law.
URL: http://www.ugc.org/rajsahai_uni.htm

Shahjalal University of Science and Technology

The Shahjalal University of Science & Technology was initiated in 1987. It has expanded to three faculties : School of Physical Sciences, School of Applied Sciences & Technology and School of Social Sciences. Now there are 13 departments under these three faculties. Besides, the university has 3 affiliated medical colleges under the School of Medical Science and one affiliated Veterinary College under the School of Life Sciences.

URL: http://www.sust.edu


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