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Not satisfied with the salary structure

  • Anonymous User
  • 7 Mar, 2021

I'm a content writer cum copywriter. But my monthly salary isn't that expected or rich enough compared to other writers. Already my company made a huge profit through my writings, but I couldn't a mere portion. Why we can't provide proper remuneration to our writers? I'm getting depressed day by day.

 Answer from bdjobs Bdjobs Answer

Dear user, thanks for your valuable feedback. First of all, professional choices come with responsibility, and often that seems unpleasant considering the benefits we acquire from it. Your statement discloses the following individual problems and the following suggestions might help you to cope with them.

Problem 1: Lesser monthly salary considering your company's profit.
Problem 2: Depressing thoughts.

A solution to Lesser Salary
The job market is versatile, and a dissatisfactory salary range is the most discussed problem among corporates. But the fact is, the salary is variable and with the time and pace of your skills it will rise up. You did not mention your working experience in your statement, but it is inevitable that after a proficient level of experience your salary would surely satisfy you.

As you have mentioned your influence on company profit and your contribution to the organization, it is surely an appreciable effort, and would suggest you continue doing so as it is your professional responsibility. If you think that you are not getting paid fairly considering your effort, then you should disclose your situation to the authorities and in most cases, it works, as companies understand their employee’s worth and value.

A solution to Depressing Thoughts
Stress and depression in the professional field are normal, but unable to cope with such stress is a disadvantage to move forward. Handling work stress is such a vital skill for professionals that employers often include this skill in their job circulars.
If your depression is due to the lesser salary structures of your organization, then it is suggested to you once again to discuss these facts with the respected authority. But if you are stressed about the work pressure then you should consult a psychiatrist about your current situation. If consulting a psychiatrist is not convenient then you should try to open up to your colleagues and friends. Discussion is the greatest remedy for depression as they open new paths.

Moreover, you are a writer and you know how to express thoughts through words. Write about those feelings and write about your favorable remedy. It will ease the pain and it might turn out as a beautiful piece of writing too. Try to alter the negative thoughts into a remarkable piece of write-up, and try to use the negativity as a motivation to create something beautiful.

Thrive for Excellence and Success will come for you
You have also discussed lesser payment for the writers, but that ain’t true. Writers are getting paid handsomely in several organizations where they are truly valued and rewarded for their effort. But such a reward requires vast knowledge and skill. Thus It is recommended to thrive for excellence and skills for a better working environment and higher remunerations. Best of luck.


  • Md. Faisal Chowdhury
  • 18 Aug, 2022
  • 11:16:00 AM

Dear BDJOBS we really rely on you. its a request to you kindly stop posting job circulars of fake and fraud business organizations who fails commitment given to customers frauds with customers and employees and does not pay salary. like Dom-inno Properties Ltd and Sanmar properties Ltd and City Scape international Ltd.

  • Sumit Barua
  • 25 Jul, 2022
  • 9:34:00 PM

Hlw sir

  • Md.Nurul Islam Lablu.
  • 20 Jun, 2022
  • 9:48:00 PM

90000 agree