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How to do well in Interview?

  • Tonmoy Biswas
  • 4 Sep, 2020

Dear sir, I had been doing a job in commercial department for 8 months. Due to Covid-19 issue I have to leave my job recently. Now I have already applied several company for entry level job as my experience is not sufficient. Also I have completed BBA in finance 4/5 years ago and my major in SSC and HSC background is science so I have not sufficient knowledge in finance and accounts. So how can I face a proper interview to get a suitable job in any department or any others.

 Answer from bdjobs Bdjobs Answer

Dear user, thanks for your valuable question. To face a interview for job you need to take proper preparation. Follow the tips to do well in the interview-
1. Conduct research
You must do research about the company that has invited you for job interview. By doing research, you would be able to know their vision, missions & recent company changes. You also need to research the position you have applied for. If it's possible to contact with anyone related to the company, you can have idea about work environment, HR policy, job prospects etc. As a result, it will help you to do well in the interview.
2. Practice answering questions
Before attending the interview, you must practice how to answer interview questions. You can find the basic & skill based interview questions on google. Practicing them you can gain confidence to attend the real interview.
3. Tell your story
For a successful interview, you have to tell your own story. You have to prove why employers will hire you, why you are unique. Try to give a summary of your qualifications, experiences, skills, achievements that relevant to job description.
4. Show professionalism & confidence
Be present in the interview with confidence. You are what we are, don't underestimate yourself. Handle the interview in a professional way. Dress yourself formally & maintain timeliness. Don't speak of any irrelevant topic during the interview.
5. Body language
Body language is one of the important part of interview. You have to maintain eye contact with recruiters. Make sure that your gesture & posture doesn't give any bad impression to recruiters.
6. Self evaluation
During interview, recruiters often ask for self evaluation. For example, "What is your strengths/ weakness?" While talking about your weakness, it should be described in a positive way. Practicing before the interview, can be really helpful to answer these questions.

Last of all, practicing a lot can help you to face interview properly. It will help you to get a suitable job in any department or any others. Good Luck.


  • Mohammad Abbas
  • 2 Apr, 2022
  • 3:24:00 PM

Thanks a lot