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How to grab attention in job market?

  • Md. Noman Tahsin
  • 3 Sep, 2020

This question has been asked by many of us. But some how this question never get old. I have completed my graduation last year but haven't get any job nor any call from anywhere. Is that anything I can do for grab attention to all HR's over the market? I have seen many videos and lectures but I need some one who gone through this. So I need someone's opinion who is just like me or thousand of men/women like me. I hope some one who think like me and read my question.

 Answer from bdjobs Bdjobs Answer

Dear user, thanks for your question. Your CV/Resume is your one & only weapon to grab attention to all HR's over the market. A well, concise CV/ Resume can easily attract the recruiters. As HR people don't have much time to go through all candidate's CV/ Resume, you must use keywords that relevant to the job position you have applied for. If you are not well qualified, skilled & experienced for the job, recruiters will not call for interview. So, you have to develop your skills in course of time. Don't use the same CV/ Resume for each job application. Customize your CV/ Resume according to job requirements. Hence, you will grab attention to all HR's over the market. Have patience & be optimistic about the future. Also take enough preparations if you are selected for the job interview. Good Luck.

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